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How to Work Smarter Not Harder with Vacation Rental Management Software

Here at VRM, our ultimate goal is to provide excellent Vacation Rental Management software systems, marketing services, and customer support to our clients—which translates into taking a big chunk of the workload off your plate as a property manager, so that you can be ... View the full post »

VRM Insider, Introducing VRM's New Client Success Manager, Lauren Schreckengost

Welcome to our April VRM Insider. This webinar series is dedicated to bring our vacation rental software clients information about Virtual Resort Manager, industry partners, and other important vacation rental news. We understand the importance of good communication ... View the full post »

Get To Know These VRM Industry Partners Better and What They Do

You know the saying: It takes a village. Well, that holds true in the vacation rental industry too. Today we're putting a spotlight on VRM's industry partners so you can get to know them better and see what they have to offer you in the hospitality and vacation re... View the full post »

VRM Insider, How to Protect the Industry & Support the Right to Rent

As a vacation rental manager, you are an active and important player in the travel industry. The vacation rental industry saw many uncertain days, weeks, and months over the last few years. What would the pandemic do to the industry? How would increasing legislation and... View the full post »

Travel Quotes to Encourage You in Honor of Vacation Rental Week

Vacation Rental Week is back! Join in the festivities with us March 7-11, 2022. We’re thrilled to celebrate this VRMA event with over 115,000+ vacation rental companies worldwide. So whether it’s a beach cottage, mountain cabin, or downtown apartment, the perfect vacatio... View the full post »

The Art & Science Behind Successful Vacation Rental Marketing

If you have experience with any kind of marketing (in the vacation rental industry or otherwise), you probably already know that successful marketing is a beautiful balance between the art and science behind the scenes. The creative, artistic side of successful marke... View the full post »

VRM Insider, Year in Review and 2022 Roadmap

As your vacation rental software company, VRM was hard at work in 2021 ... and we have made big plans for 2022. Want to hear all about it? Check out our year-in-review webinar and a look at what's ahead with Jonathan Hickman, VRM's Director of Development. Robin B... View the full post »

2022 Travel Trends and What They Mean for the Vacation Rental Industry

Welcome to 2022! What does this year hold in terms of travel and vacation for you? We're looking at the top trends this year, according to the experts. The year's travel trends definitely favor the vacation rental industry as many travelers want their own safe spa... View the full post »

VRM Insider, 1099 Updates That You Need to Know for 2021 Taxes

Join the VRM team as they cover important updates for 1099's that VRM clients need to know. This webinar will also cover a review of the 1099 process and a summary of what to expect. Michelle Smith, Director of Support & Training, walks you those the 2021 process ... View the full post »

How to Boost Team Morale and Inspire Coworkers for the Year Ahead

The workplace has a changed a lot in the past couple of years. 2020 was a year of dealing with the stress of a pandemic and the many changes in life and the workday as we once knew it, while 2021 was a year of getting used to workplace shifts and strategies as a result of... View the full post »

VRM Insider, Right to Rent Review, How it Works, and More

Catch the replay for this informational webinar about the Vacation Rental Management Association Right to Rent program that is powered by Inhabit IQ. Special guests include VRMA President and VRM client, Miller Hawkins, along with Inhabit IQ Government Affairs Coordinator... View the full post »

Shareable Holiday Quote Images That Are Perfect for This Time of Year

Hello, November! And here comes Thanksgiving, then Hanukkah, then Christmas, then Kwanzaa, and then BAM—we'll be ushering in the New Year before we know it. Whew, time flies! It's hard to keep up with everything sometimes, right? We totally get it. To help ... View the full post »

What Excellent Vacation Rental Customer Service Looks Like Now

As the days and times continually change, some things remain the same. In the vacation rental management and software industry, the means and systems used are ever-changing in keeping with the latest technological advances, but the end-results are fairly standard: we want... View the full post »

8 Great Ways to Communicate with Your Vacation Rental Guests

Vacation rental guests expect a high level of communication, especially in this technological day and age, so what are you doing to manage that? Do you have an effective system in place? Are you leveraging your vacation rental software to optimize your performance in this... View the full post »

How to Take Care of Yourself When You Work at a Desk All Day

If you work a desk job, whether from home or in an office, you already know it's not the healthiest thing to do for 8 hours a day. Being sedentary and sitting for hours is not good for the body or the mind. The good news is that you can make changes that are good for ... View the full post »