Customer Resource Management (CRM)

Virtual Resort Manager's CRM functionality helps build customer loyalty and your bottom line

The Virtual Resort ManagerĀ® system contains a suite of tools that permits the property manager to communicate electronically with the guest at all stages of the reservation process. Guests and Owners automatically receive timely information, allowing you to keep them better informed while at the same time reducing your costs.

Our CRM functionality fully automates a wide range of tasks that were only accomplished manually in former years, if at all. The result is better communication with your guests and owners, reducing your costs, engaging your customers, and helping to drive repeat business.

Features for guests:

  • VRM's newest Welcome Home functionality gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with your guests via email, text message, and directly through the Guest Extranet. You can set up messages to be sent to all your guests for reoccurring events or specific messages for specific events or guests. View all the features of Welcome Home.
  • VRM's Guest Extranet permits the property manager to run a virtually paperless office. When the reservationist completes a reservation, the guest receives an email containing a login and password. The guest then logs in and uses the Extranet to sign their lease agreement and make their initial payment by credit/debit card or by using our new e-check functionality. Guests can also purchase travel insurance or add extras to their reservation.
  • The VRM system provides a series of fourteen (14) customizable emails which are automatically sent by the system at defined points in the reservation process. These emails remind a guest that payment is due, say "thanks" for making their payment, provide you with the means to send information about the area and the reservation, and even send out our automated guest survey.
    • Emails containing a request for payment can be configured to include the guest's username and password, along with an embedded link to the Guest Extranet, allowing simple online payment. These emails can also be customized to up-sell the guest with extras and/or travel insurance.
    • Property-specific automatic emails can be configured to include lock codes, property information, directions to the property, and other information. Many managers never see the guest prior to check in.
  • VRM's client database can be searched, and client lists can be produced in any number of results sets, such as state, zip code, last stay date, and virtually any other criteria you need. You can even develop lists according to stay dates and eliminate previous guests who hold a current reservation within the same date range.
    • Emails can be developed within VRM using our WYSIWYG text editor, allowing insertion of graphic elements and visible editing of text and photos, and then sent directly from your VRM email account.
    • Emails can be exported for use in your Constant Contact account (or other email marketing system), where you can take advantage of a wealth of statistical information and other benefits.
  • VRM's powerful built-in text editor allows you to compose custom messages for your owners and guest using our WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editing tool. No technical experience is needed to generate graphically compelling emails. For advanced users, most of our fields provide full HTML functionality.
  • With VRM's automated Guest Survey, a questionnaire is automatically sent to any guest for whom you have a valid email address based on check out. Upon completion of the survey, the guest receives a return "thank you" email, which can contain a reward in the form of a premium. The completed questionnaire is available immediately for your evaluation. Guest comments can be posted to your website as reviews. Results are compiled as statistical reports for both the individual property and the company as a whole. Results for the property can be automatically posted to the Owners Extranet.
  • VRM's advanced booking engine allows the reservationist to enter important guest information, such as anniversaries and birthdays, for future marketing opportunities.

Features for owners:

  • VRM's Owners ExtraNet provides management with an easy and effective way to communicate with the owner at all levels. Owners can view their owner's statements, work orders, availability calendar, guest survey results, and other information that you choose. In addition, owners can book their units for an owner stay or for a guest of owner. The owner can apply a credit card payment for a guest of owner reservation. If you split management commission with the owner, VRM can be configured to do this automatically.
  • Housekeeping for owner stays can be set to default to either "yes" or "no," and can be easily changed on a per-reservation basis.
  • Owners can be configured to receive an email with a synopsis of reservations made on their property on that day. The email can be configured according to the management company's needs.
  • The Owners ExtraNet provides blast email functionality and includes the means to update an owner's message as needed. This is ideal for emergencies or other situations in which it is necessary to communicate with all owners quickly.