How to Stay Healthy at Your Desk Job

Technology is wonderful! It is what allows us to run a successful vacation rental software company. It is also what drives much of your vacation rental management business. Our computers, along with the internet, allow us to connect with nearly an endless supply of clients and guests.

However, one of the drawbacks to technology is that it leaves many of us sitting at a desk for hours every day. The long term affects of poor posture and other bad habits can lead to a whole range of health issues if one is not careful.

We want you to have the most healthy "desk life" possible, so we have put together a list of five things that you can do to be more healthy at your desk job. Here at Virtual Resort Manager, we value the health and wellness of not only our employees but yours as well. Your rental property software provider cares about you!

Eat Healthy Snacks

One of the best ways for you to stay fueled and focused while at your desk is to have a supply of healthy snacks on hand. From nuts and seeds to dark chocolate, here is a great article with snack advise from Brittany Kohn, MS, RD. Whether you are deep into high-booking season or if you are wading through paperwork, these snack tips are sure to give you the energy boost you need... all while keeping your blood sugar stable.

Whose ready for some homemade trail mix?? Yummy!!

Stretch Often

As you are well aware, staying in one position for any length of time is not good for your body. Sitting at a desk for eight or more hours each day, while doing repetitive motions, is par for the course when you have a desk job. Want to know what you can do to help your body cope with the stress of desk work?

We all need good habits at our desk, especially while sitting. Here is an article that lists several great chair stretches that can help alleviate discomfort and health issues, including: neck and shoulder pain, stress, lower back pain, and carpal tunnel.

Take Breaks

When working an eight hour day, you need to take breaks. Whether it is your lunch break or a 5-minute break, they are essential for clarity and focus. Your mind and your body needs to break from sitting and staring at a computer screen.

We found an article titled, "10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Productivity with Break." It is full of great suggestions on how to spend your break time wisely. Sure, scrolling through Facebook is fun... but is it the best way to spend your break? Be sure to pin the helpful infographic from this article.

Proper Posture

Have you ever suffered from neck or back pain? It could be from the way you sit at your desk. Good posture is key to maintaining a healthy neck, back, and even hips.

Slouching and looking down for long periods of time can take a toll on your spine, muscles, and other bones. If you want to learn how to improve your posture when sitting in front of the computer, you need to read this article from the University of Pittsburg Medical Center.

Stay Hydrated

Many Americans are addicted to sugar and caffeine filled drinks. So it is no surprise that studies show 75% of Americans to be chronically dehydrated. To know how much water you need to drink every day, divide your body weight in half and drink that amount in ounces.

Having a reusable water bottle is a great way to be sure you are drinking enough water each day, and it is easy on the environment. Tracy and Brittany, from the VRM Marketing Department, each drink their water from a Nathan 32 oz. bottle!

How important is hydration? Check out this infographic!

Do you have any great tips for staying healthy at your desk job? We would love to hear them!! After all, our claim to fame is offering the best vacation rental software in the business. We are not health and wellness professionals, but we do want to see your business thrive in every way possible, and healthy people are the perfect asset for your company!

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