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Meet Brittany Thompson of VRM

If you are looking for a way to get to know VRM better Make sure you Tune in to "Tea with Brittany Lea" our new webinar series which will air monthly on the second Thursday of each month. Watch the full VLOG announcement below!   

Tea with Brittany Lea Recap October 2015

What's Next For VRM Webinar Recap With special Guest Michael Hill (Assistant General Manager at VRM and VP of Software Design)   I was so excited to talk with Michael Hill yesterday at the first EVER "Tea with Brittany Lea" webinar and I was so glad so many of you were able to joi... View the full post »

5 Tips for a Healthy Desk Job

How to Maintain Health: Tips from Joey Gilbert So we all know that working on an office can make it hard to maintain a fantastic physique, so I thought I would meander over to the office of our resident fitness buff and ask him how he stays in such great shape while sitting in an office chair ... View the full post »

How to PROPERLY put text on your website

Please do not copy directly from Microsoft Word into any fields or editors on your webpages.  Instead, copy to a text editor first (Notepad++ is a free editor), use www.word2cleanhtml, or start and end your paragraphs with opening and closing tags to keep the code clean.  ... View the full post »