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Employee Spotlight: Meet Brittany Thompson

The Faces Behind Virtual Resort ManagerWe are so excited to continue our "Employee Spotlight" series, where we introduce you to the hard working employees here at Virtual Resort Manager. We are hoping that you are taking the chance to join us each month, as we offer yo... View the full post »

This is What Happens When You Sign Up For LIVE Training

If you have not already heard, we have BIG NEWS here at VRM. We are extremely excited to announce that we will be hosting a VRM University LIVE event on Thursday, April 26, 2018 in Wilmington, North Carolina. This one-day educational and informative seminar is designed fo... View the full post »

Employee Spotlight: Meet Michelle Smith of the Training and Support Department

The Faces Behind Virtual Resort ManagerAs one of our vacation rental software clients, have you ever wondered about the people on the other end of the phone line or on the other side of a Help Ticket? Here at Virtual Resort Manger (VRM) we have the privilege of serving ov... View the full post »

How to Future Proof Your Business in a Few Easy Steps

At the beginning of every year, individuals as well as businesses set their sights on new goals. Everyone wants the coming year to be better than the one before. Part of our job, as your vacation rental software company, is to develop new and improved fun... View the full post »

All the Reasons Why Your Guests Need to Book Direct and Save

Throughout the last few months, there has been a lot of discussion throughout the vacation rental management industry about OTAs and how they are affecting your business and the guest’s experience. At VRM, we aren’t just your vacation rental software company, we are pa... View the full post »

Video: Find out what hilarious hobby Pete has & more!

The Faces Behind Virtual Resort Manager As a company, Virtual Resort Manger (VRM) has the privilege of serving over 100 software clients and 17 marketing clients. Because of the virtual space in which our vacation management software business op... View the full post »

The Results of the Latest VRM Intel Conference are IN

As a virtual software development and marketing company, our employees are spread across the United States…as well as our clients. Last week, eight team member from Virtual Resort Manager attended the first ever VRM Intel Live! & Vacation Rental Hou... View the full post »

Exciting Travel Plans & Why You Need to Come Along

This year, the Virtual Resort Manager team has decided to attend the VRM Intel Live! Conference & VRHP Annual Conference in Gatlinburg, TN which will be November 6-8, 2017. There are several reasons why we will be headed to the Tennessee mountains in a few weeks, and we would l... View the full post »

Mail Server Migration Complete

New Interface We have finished our transition to the new mail server.  This software change will impact both the look and performance of the email services.  With the addition of new features such as Welcome Home, performance is an important factor to make sure your guests recei... View the full post »

Meet the Team: Michael Hill

MEET THE TEAM: Michael Hill           Michael Hill, one of our veteran staff members, began his VRM career on January 25, 2005 as Tech Support.  Since that time, Michael has worked diligently learning about the company, its products, and its clients.... View the full post »

Meet the Team: Brittany Thompson

MEET THE TEAM:  Brittany Thompson             Brittany Thompson has an enthusiastic spark about her that is contagious.  Her passion to interact with others coupled with her desire to discover new things make her an excellent Soci... View the full post »

WORKetc - Our CRM Tool of Choice

Virtual Rental Manager, also known to many as Virtual RESORT Manager, likes to think of our office as a workshop. A place where ideas, designs, development and support come together to provide, what we believe to be, "Front to back, feature for feature, the finest rental management system in the ... View the full post »