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The Rental Mangers Busy Season (explained in GIF's)

I thought we could all use a little humor about the fact that busy season is on the way. I know most of my loyal readers will be taking a hiatus to work 12 hour work days making dreams come true and all that, so I thought I would send a little love your way so you can revisit this humorous post on... View the full post »

5 Tips for a Healthy Desk Job

How to Maintain Health: Tips from Joey Gilbert So we all know that working on an office can make it hard to maintain a fantastic physique, so I thought I would meander over to the office of our resident fitness buff and ask him how he stays in such great shape while sitting in an office chair ... View the full post »

What customer services is supposed to be like....

At VRM we feel that customer service is what helps separate us from the competition.  Our Software and Services are among the top in the industry.  In fact we are the only company in the industry to offer a one stop shop for everything our clients need.  From account and reservation s... View the full post »