Tea With Brittany Lea Recap: Welcome Home- Keeping Guests Happy with Minimal Effort

Welcome Home: Keeping Guests Happy with Minimal EffortIf you missed it... Yesterday's webinar was full of fun with Mike Mueller (the newest member of the Virtual Resort Manager Team). He talked all about welcome home Lite and Welcome Home Complete and how you can use some of the automated features to make your life so much easier. The best part? EVERYONE has access to Welcome Home Lite! That's right... You can get this feature right in your VRM console and start using it TODAY! What Fun! For those of you that we re busy working or making vacation dreams come true we applaud you and offer this awesome recap recording to help you on your way! Also if you were there and you just wanted to check out the slide deck it is right below the video!!

Thanks to Everyone that Watched along with me yesterday, it has been so fun getting to have this adventure with you all!

Check out the Full Recap:

Check out the slides:

Brittany Thompson Social Marketing ManagerHappy Sipping!

~ Brittany Thompson

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