How Smart Homes Can Make You More Efficient and Save You and Your Homeowner Money

Hello, everyone! Thanks to all who tuned in yesterday for Tea with Brittany Lea as we talked with Greg Burge from PointCentral. We talked all about how Smart Homes are becoming the one of the best management tools rental manager can have. Greg shared some insights about Smart Homes that were truly astonishing. He told us that companies making the switch are experiencing a 95% owner satisfaction rate, and overall it helps managers retain homeowners and guests alike. If you want to check out the slide deck you can do that here, and if you want to watch some awesome information Greg has put together about Smart Homes you can do that on the PointCentral website.

I think one of the most shocking revelations of the day was that 90% of the rental managers that are making the switch to SmartHomes are finding they do not even have to put out a dime to get the system. Greg outlines payment plans and ways of offsetting the cost so you can do it too!

Watch the full recap: