Spotlight on Seasons: Setting up Your Year For Success

VRM's Resident Book Lover Talks Seasons and Rates in VRM Software!

Megan Vangelist joined me on Tea with Brittany Lea this month for a rousing talk about books, babies, and... seasons and rates in VRM. Getting your seasons and rates set for the year is one of the most important tasks in VRM. So Megan, of the VRM Training squad, came by to give us a step by step tutorial on setting up seasons and rates to make sure you have an easy and profitable 2017! I know, you are all likely wondering what exactly happened in yesterday's webinar, if you didn't actually have time to catch it live. Well, lucky you, we have it all on recap right here on our blog so pull up a chair, and a good cup of tea, and listen to the soothing sounds of your best year yet coming this way!

If you want Megan's notes and slides you can download the PDF here!

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Check out the Recap for Spotlight on Seasons: Setting Up Your Year for Success: