How to Use VRM's Discount Functionality to Raise Profit

how-to-use-vrm-discount-code-functionality-to-raise-profitIf you missed Tea with Brittany Lea yesterday we had the amazing Help Desk Diva Lauren Schreckengost on to talk about our discount code functionality and how it can bring you profit and help increase business. She talked about how we can use all the different features of the discount functionality to apply discounts and mark up to reservations based on dates of stay, occupancy percentages, and even using promotional codes! I was really happy to be so informed about how to use this particular VRM software feature, being that I manage the social marketing here at VRM and we provide those services for clients. So if you didn't have time to join us, I made sure to record the webinar for all of you, as well as snag Lauren's awesome slides so we can refer back to them as needed!

Just a quick side note, if you have not already, be sure to sign up early for next month's Tea with Brittany Le where we will be covering: The New VRM Long Term Module that will Blow Your Mind. That is NOT an exaggeration, that have completely re-done the whole long term module and you NOT going to want to miss that one! ;)

Catch the Tea with Brittany Lea Recap Here:

Get Lauren's Slides Here: