Join Brittany Thompson Each Month for
"Tea with Brittany Lea"

VRM will be hosting a monthly webisode that will help you get to know us a little better and provide you with some insider information. If you are currently a VRM client, you can sign up for these webisodes using the "Register Here" link below. The best part about this websode series is they are all FREE! We will answer questions such as:

  • What tools does VRM provide to their clients, and how can I use them to make my life easier?
  • What are some of the latest trends in the vacation rental industry?
  • What are some effective business and management tips from industry professionals?
  • How can I effectively market my business without wasting my time and energy?

Tea With Brittany Lea Webisode Dates & Topics:


Photography 101: How to Get the Best Shots Of your Rentals

With Meredith Cornett Hart

Date & Time: October 12th at 2 p.m. EDT

Overview: If you have ever struggled with getting good shots of your rentals, this webinar is for you! Pictures are worth a thousand SALES in the Vacation Rental Management world and we are bringing in a professional photographer that works in the vacation rental industry to give you her best tips and tricks for getting great photos. Have Questions you want asked in the webinar? Email and I will personally make sure you get your answer in the webinar!

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The Smartest Way to Reduce Operating Costs & Make More Money Now

With Jeremy King of Point Central

Date & Time: November 9th at 2 p.m. EDT

Overview: Everyone needs to increase their bottom line and this is exactly what this webinar is all about. I will be joined by James King and He will be talking to us all about the best options for reducing costs and making your job easier! Have Questions? Email with the subject TWBL and I will be sure you get an answer in the webinar!

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How to Use Email Marketing to Make More Money

With Brittany Thompson of Virtual Resort Manager

Date & Time: September 14th at 2 p.m. EDT

Overview: This month Brittany is back for another exciting TWBL Takeover with Tracy Sanderson Hosting. We are talking all things Email Marketing with you and we will go over all the best practices for getting your emails read and getting them out to the right folks.

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How to Easily Track Housekeeping & Save Time Using This Tool

With Michelle Smith of Virtual Resort Manager

Date & Time: August 10th at 2 p.m. EDT

Overview: We talked with Michelle Smith, who is the resident VRM training department manager, talked with us all about cleanTracker. Some of the amazing features we announced are a vendor portal for housekeepers to actually update properties on the go while they are cleaning.

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The Best New Vacation Bridge Upgrades and How to Use Them

With Emery and Johnathan of Virtual Resort Manager

Date & Time: July 13th, 2017

Overview: We have been hard at work here at VRM. We have spent most of our time of late working on updates to the Vacation bridge. This webinar is going to take you through all the new features, as well as how to use the new features to totally rock your schedule and keep everything streamlines for easy updates!

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Our Best Instagram Marketing Secrets Revealed

With Brittany Thompson of Virtual Resort Manager

Date & Time: May 11th at 2 p.m. EDT

Overview: Want to know what it takes to make it on Instagram? Our very own Brittany Lea will be speaking at a very special Tea with Brittany Lea Takeover webinar, where our newest addition to the marketing Team, Tracy Sanderson, will be hosting. Brittany is covering how to stage photos, how to post at the right times on Instagram, and even how to schedule your Instagram posts!

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Red Awning: Get More Free Time & Make More Money

With Michael Thorwegen of Red Awning

Date & Time: May 2nd at 10 a.m. EDT

Overview: We have heard from most of our clients that they need more help getting more bookings for this summer season. So if you are one of those that needs more bookings, allow us to introduce you to Red Awning (who we are now integrated with!) Join us for a SPECIAL episode of Tea with brittany Lea where we will talk with Michael from Red Awning to see how they can help increase bookings and our bottom line!

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What You Need to Know About Getting Amazing Reviews

With Saad Malik of Virtual Resort Manager

Overview: Reviews can be make or break your bottom line for the year. Did you know that on average Customers spend 31% more with a business that has "excellent” reviews? We are going to have an in depth talk with Saad Malik, VRM's Assistant Marketing Manager, about some actionable ways to protect your reputation on line and increase brand awareness while you are at it!

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The Exciting New Housekeeping Tool That Will Change Your Life

With Jonathan Hickman of Virtual Resort Manager

Overview: We have heard you and we have been hard at work on a housekeeping solution that will fit your needs and help you make the most of your time as a rental manager. On this very special episode of Tea with Brittany Lea we are talking with Jonathan Hickman who is the lead developer of our new Housekeeping tool! He will walk us through all the specs of he new application and whats to come so you can get a jump on your housekeeping solutions! We know you would rather be hiking or reading a book on the beach so we have also taken the time to make sure our new housekeeping application is completely mobile and tablet friendly!

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The Outstanding Lead Management Tool That Will Make You Profit

With Michael Hill

Overview: BIG NEWS!! VRM is launching a new Lead Management tool and we can not wait to show you what it is all about and how to use it to get more sales. Get a tutorial from Michael Hill of VRM and see how to use this awesome tool increase sales and make your life easier with marketing.

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Useful Tips on Welcome Home & Discounts You Need to Know

With Michael and Lauren of VRM Software

Overview: The Holidays are over and 2017 is off to a great start, but these VRM tools could save you some serious time and money. Get a tutorial from Lauren and Michael of VRM and see how some of our other customers are using Welcome Home and our awesome Discount Features to increase sales and re-bookings year over year. Did we mention its FREE? Have questions for the webinar? Email with the subject TWBL Welcome Home and I will personally make sure you get an answer in the webinar!

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Amazing 1099 Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier This Tax Season

With Michelle Smith of VRM Software

Overview: Michelle is back again this year to give us the tips and tricks for making Tax Season for our clients as painless as possible! She will be covering everything you need to know about getting your 1099's perfect in VRm. From start to finish Michelle is going step by step to make your end of year a breeze, so you can get back to sipping eggnog! Have questions for the webinar? Email with the subject TWBL 1099's and I will personally make sure you get an answer in the webinar!

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How To Make an Ironclad Marketing Plan for Your Most Successful Year Yet

With Saad Malik of VRM

Overview: If you are lost as to your marketing strategy for this coming year, you will not want to miss this Tea with Brittany Lea! We are talking with Saad Malik, VRM's SEO Marketing specialist and he will be going over how to develop the best online marketing strategy, so you can have the best year possible! Have Questions for us? Email with the subject TWBL Marketing and I will personally make sure you get an answer in the webinar!

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Spotlight on Seasons: Setting up Your Year For Success

Megan Vangelist of VRM

Date & Time: October 6th at 10 a.m. EDT

Overview: Getting your seasons and rates set for the year is one of the most important tasks in VRM. Here to make sure that we are set for success the whole year long is Megan Vangelist of the VRM Training squad to make sure you have an easy and profitable 2017! Have Questions for us? Email and talk with Megan directly!

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Fundamentals of New Government Regulations and How You Can Help!

With Matt Curtis of the VRMA

Overview: We are very excited to announce that we have a special guest with us Mattew Curtis, who is the VRMA's Director of Government Relations and he will be here to talk with us all about his role in helping shape governmental regulations in the vacation rental market today. He will also be letting us know what we can do to help get better laws for rentals in place! Have Questions for us? Email with the subject TWBL Government Regulations and I will personally make sure you get an answer in the webinar!

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The New Long Term Manager That Will Blow Your Mind

With Mike Mueller & Michelle Smith of VRM

Overview: We took our overhaul of the longterm rental module very seriously here at VRM! Not only did we enhance core features, we added so many new ones it is almost completely brand new! Check out the completely redesigned longterm manager tutorial right here to get a handle on how to better manage our rentals!

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How to use VRM's Discount Functionality to Raise Profit

With Lauren Shreckenghost of VRM

Overview:The bottom line is what matters in business and we all know that. So how can you raise bookings and get more heads in beds? Give a discount. I know you are thinking thats not very appealing but hear us out. our discount functionality can make you more reservations and help you get where you want to be with bookings!

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Powerful Tools Coming This Year to Help Skyrocket Productivity

with Special Guest Michael Hill

Overview: If you attended the first webinar of Tea with Brittany Lea, you will remember our guest Michael Hill, our Lead Developer at VRM. When he was with us last, he talked about some new and exciting things he was working on with his team. Now, Michael is Back to give us an update on all those lovely features and even unveil some brand new ones! Please be sure to attend this informative and helpful webinar so you can keep your eyes on the new updates coming your way in 2016! Have Questions for Michael? Email with the subject TWBL with Michael and I will personally make sure you get an answer in the webinar!

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2016 VRMA Eastern Conference Recap

with Special Guest Panel of Rental Managers and Industry Professionals

Overview: Hello Fellow Tea Lovers (and Coffee Cravers)! This month we are switching things up a bit and it's going to be a ton of fun. We are going to the annual VRMA Eastern Conference and we will be featuring a live recap webisode right here on Tea with Brittany Lea! So of you cant go to VRMA East we have you covered! ;) If you are going to be at the show and want to be on our panel, email with the subject TWBL Eastern Recap and we will add you to our panel of VRMs and Industry Experts!

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How Smart Homes Make you More Efficient (& Save You and Your Homeowner Money!)

with Special Guest Greg Burge of PointCentral

Overview: Hello Fellow Tea Sippers (and Coffee Addicts)! We had an awesome show in April! We talked all about how Smart Home Adoption can save you so much time and energy, as well as getting your guests the best rental experience. If you mised out on the webinar you can alway catch up by watching the recap! Be sure to listen to the part where Greg lets us know how 90% of his Rental managers are getting smart home technology for no money down!

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Welcome Home: Keeping Guests Happy with Minimal Effort

with Special Guest Mike Mueller

Overview: We all know that busy season is one of those times that you just put your head down and get through it. The madness, the guests, the smiles and well wishes, and trying to make guests as happy as possible, can all feel overwhelming. Welcome Home is a new feature that can help save YOUR summer. Then you can actually enjoy the area you live in again. Your guests may also think you are more than on top of it. They may start calling you a super human vacation making ninja!

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"How to Make Sure Homeowners ALWAYS Choose YOU"

with Special Guest Maureen Regan

Overview: We are so excited we got to sit down for a tell all session with Maureen Regan who is the current president elect of the National VRMA as well as a rental manager! Maureen will be covering how to get new homeowners to go with you and how you can build lasting relationships with homeowners. She even handed out 5 copies of her awesome book 'The Rental Game: Winning with A Professional vacation rental team'!

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"5 Things You Can Do to Rank Better Right NOW"

with Special Guest Connie Hutchins

Overview: I have a very special friend of mine with me this month for "Tea with Brittany Lea", Connie Hutchins. Connie will be walking us through some basic (and easy to do) things in VRM we can use to improve our website SEO! If you are tired of your website working against you rather than for you, this is the webinar for you! Connie Hutchins is VRM's own Director of Website Marketing Services and has worked on dozens of websites over the years, helping Vacation Rental Managers from all over get the results they want from their Search Engine Marketing efforts.

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"Best Practices For Avoiding Charge Backs"

With Special Guests Tim and Sharon of Lynnbroook Group

Overview: There is nothing worse than putting your heart and soul into making a reservation perfect for a guest only to find that you didn't get paid for it. Sharon and Tim, the founders of Lynbrook Group, have graciously agreed to join me in December to talk about how you can protect yourself from charge backs! We talked all about some of the best ways you can make sure you are protected from chargebacks and credit card fraud.

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"Mastering Your 1099's"

with Special Guest Michelle Smith

Overview: Tax season is fast approaching and we are all feeling the crunch, but there is no need to worry about what to do with your 1099's in VRM. We have a full training session planned for you to help you make sure you MASTER your 1099's this year!

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