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3 New Tools from VRM Software that Help You Kick Up Your Feet And Relax!

VRM Software has new tools and functionality that make us unlike most software on the market. Best of all, our tools are completely integrated into the VRM system. Below are just three of the new tools to help you relax while doing more!  Welcome Home - Our Integrated Guest Communicati... View the full post »

Spotlight on Seasons: Setting up Your Year For Success

VRM's Resident Book Lover Talks Seasons and Rates in VRM Software! Megan Vangelist joined me on Tea with Brittany Lea this month for a rousing talk about books, babies, and... seasons and rates in VRM. Getting your seasons and rates set for the year is one of the most important tasks in... View the full post »

Fundamentals of New Government Regulations and How You Can Help!

Yesterday on Tea with Brittany Lea we had a special guest with us, Matt Curtis, who is the VRMA's Director of Government Relations. Matt has been working with the VRMA for a while and is really knowledgeable about what is going on the world of government regulations. He walked us through his r... View the full post »

Does Your Vacation Rental software do this?

Not all vacation rental software is built the same. And since the vacation rental management industry is a billion-dollar industry, companies need to run top of the line software. Investing in a program that is easily integrated, maintenance friendly, and fully automated is a must. For a... View the full post »

Use the #1 Vacation Rental Software in North Carolina

For over a decade, Virtual Resort Manager, otherwise known as VRM, has excelled in creating an all-inclusive property management software for vacation rental companies working in North Carolina. North Carolina is our home and home to some of the nation’s strictest laws and policies regarding ... View the full post »

The New Long Term Manager that will Blow Your Mind

You asked, we delivered! Tea with Brittany Lea was loads of fun yesterday as we talked to Michelle Smith (head of the training and support department at VRM) all about the newly updated Long Term Rental Management Software and how we have added some amazing all new features that we have worke... View the full post »

Why VRM Was the Best Thing to Happen to Us

Coastal Vacation Resorts manages approximately 225 vacation homes in the beautiful coastal town of Holden Beach, NC. In May of 2015, after learning the many benefits of VRM, the industry’s only complete vacation rental management system, Coastal Vacation Resorts made the switch and has not reg... View the full post »

Virtual Resort Manager: A Fully Integrated, One Platform, Software System

What solutions do you use in your day-to-day routine that effortlessly tackle multiple tasks making life more enjoyable and run smoother? Perhaps it’s a coffee maker that also steams milk for the perfect latte to get the day started, or a fitness tracker that stays on top of healthy goals dai... View the full post »

How to Use VRM's Discount Functionality to Raise Profit

  If you missed Tea with Brittany Lea yesterday we had the amazing Help Desk Diva Lauren Schreckengost on to talk about our discount code functionality and how it can bring you profit and help increase business. She talked about how we can use all the different features of the discount ... View the full post »

Why VRM?

Why Virtual Resort Manager Can Easily Save Property Managers Time And Money    With a number of vacation rental management software programs on the market, resort managers are left with the daunting and often confusing task of choosing the most effective solution to seamlessly run a ... View the full post »

Powerful Tools Coming This Year to Skyrocket Productivity

VRM Software now does more for Vacation Rental Managers Yesterday on Tea With Brittany Lea we talked development at VRM. Michael Hill, who was actually my inaugural guest on Tea with Brittany Lea, joined us again for another mid year development status report. He talked about the Automatic Do... View the full post »

VRMA Confidential: See the helpful conference recap free on Tea with Brittany Lea

If you were not able to attend VRMA East this year, we have to covered! From the heated debates about HomeAway's new pricing Structure to some of the year's best marketing advice we have it all here for you! Mike Mueller, Connie Hutchins, and Michelle Smith all went and repr... View the full post »

How Smart Homes Can Make You More Efficient and Save You and Your Homeowner Money

Hello, everyone! Thanks to all who tuned in yesterday for Tea with Brittany Lea as we talked with Greg Burge from PointCentral. We talked all about how Smart Homes are becoming the one of the best management tools rental manager can have. Greg shared some insights about Smart Homes that were truly... View the full post »

The Rental Mangers Busy Season (explained in GIF's)

I thought we could all use a little humor about the fact that busy season is on the way. I know most of my loyal readers will be taking a hiatus to work 12 hour work days making dreams come true and all that, so I thought I would send a little love your way so you can revisit this humorous post on... View the full post »

This One Simple Change Could save you $30,000 or More Each Year!

I know what you are thinking, what kind of outlandish claim is that... and where can I get it? We all want to save money, its just good business. Higher profit margins are good for everyone all around! So, we encourage you to check out this handy little blog about a lesser known change you can mak... View the full post »