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How to Easily Master Your 1099's in VRM

We all know what time it is...even if we don't want to admit it. As the Christmas holiday is fast approaching, so it TAX TIME! It is time to focus your time and attention to pulling tax reports and information. Here at Virtual Resort Manager, our vacation re... View the full post »

3 FREE Tools For Next Level Marketing Swagger

We have all been there, we have a campaign we want to get out that is bound to be marketing gold. You take all your gumption and skills and head to photoshop to make a graphic for Facebook, Pinterest, Email Marketing, or even a handout for your site. Armed with ideas of what you want your gra... View the full post »

5 Tips for Making Social Media Work FOR You

If you follow our blog you will know that this is a continuation of a social media series that I am putting together to help all of us get the manic panic (thats what I call it anyway) of Social Media under control. Most of us have at least one fond childhood memories of summer, usually they happ... View the full post »

The Art of Perfectly Timed Facebook Posts

So we all know that social media can be challenging and I have not really addressed it on our blog yet, even though its my area of expertise, but to day is the day! I am breaking my social media silence to give you guys some tips on perfectly planning your Social Media Posts and where to begin wit... View the full post »

Tips and Tricks: Reservation Emails Make Life Easier

Tips & Tricks from the Trenches: How Our Reservation Emails Help You Get a Good Night's Sleep Did you know you can actually use one of the Reservation Emails to share after hours check-in information with your guests? Inevitably, you are going to have a Guest or two who will ... View the full post »

Tips and Tricks: 1099's and Closing out the year in VRM

Tips & Tricks from the Trenches         This issue’s tips come from our Help Desk Team.       Tips for closing out the year and preparing 1099s.       1.  Remember w... View the full post »

Tips and Tricks: Rent adjustments on reservations

Tips & Tricks from the Trenches       This tip comes from our Help Desk Team.                 A reservation that has no rent should never have a rent adjustment applied to it.   ... View the full post »